Yeah, new normal

What a wonderful day! Today is the day I feel like I finally reached my “new normal”. That feeling you get after having your first baby (or any baby for that matter) where you start to be comfortable with your routine and not constantly tired or chasing after your “to do list”. Everyday is full and busy, but I no longer feel overwhelmed or like I cant keep up. Whether or not this feeling will last, I don’t know, but I am hopeful :).

My little man surprises me all the time. Today he is waving independently for all of our family members and volunteers. He was Pancho question in the bath this evening “Do you like Lotion?”, “I like Lotion”. We played a wonderful game of peek-a-boo during my session where we both hide and sought each other out. I was even a hiding rhino! So many giggles and laughing — such a beautiful sound!

He is beginning to commentate on what he is doing and throws in bad information to make sure you are paying attention, like saying “green” when he is using a blue block. He then waits for a reaction and laughs :).

He is eating like a champion enjoying mushrooms, avocado, garlic, sauerkraut, fermented salsa, green beans, onions, broccoli, cauliflower and bell peppers. I love how diversified he is with his food. He is on a beef kick now after preferring chicken for a couple months. We just introduced coconut oil and he seems to be okay with the taste and so far I have not seen any intolerance to it.

Just starting to look into essential oils and see if they are helpful. Best price and reputability I have found is from Heritage Essential Oils. They do sample sizes, so considering it, but need to do a little more reading.

Well, tomorrow is another day full of my “new normal” which I will embrace joyfully as I get to witness the blessings of others in my life and hopefully bless them in return.

A great week is upon me!!!

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