Volunteer Reflection: Ms. H.

Julie and Filbert

I wasn’t quite sure what I was getting myself into when I met with Filbert’s mom for the first time last semester.  I had never had personal interaction with autism and very little second-hand experience.  After the third time randomly seeing his mom in a week, I knew I had to go talk with her about working with Filbert.
Once this semester started, I kept hearing about how far Filbert had come since people first started working with him.  I guess I never really understood that piece because when I am in the playroom with him, we do quite a bit of our own thing.  We interact with each other a good part of the time, but I also felt like we were supposed to be interacting more.
Julie Sando came this past weekend and did a workshop on Natural Play Therapy to show us the process of how it worked.  As much as I disliked people observing my playtime with Filbert, I feel like that was the most useful part of the conference.  In my head, I had this idea that we were all supposed to be playing with him the same way, but I finally understood why diversity is so good for him.  Our separate play is perfectly okay and Julie really helped that make sense.
During my Thursday play date, Filbert let me build an entire racetrack out of Popsicle sticks and watched me play with it for a good while before he wanted to take it apart.  He also let me build an airplane that I had to make into a rocket ship because of my not-so-artistic abilities.  He left the rocket ship in one piece when we moved onto a new activity.  Knowing what I know just from when I started playing with him, I was really excited about these two things!  Now it makes more sense why Filbert’s mom gets excited about so many little things that I don’t really think into much.

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  1. Seri Koo
    Seri Koo says:

    Hi, Em, This is Seri from Maxium Impact 2012. It is so nice to hear from you. I am so amazed of what you’ve done for your son. It makes me look back on myself and makes me humble…. I would like to know if it could be just 2hours per week for each volunteers to be in the playroom and if that could be effective. I’like to know how you’ve run the program so far so i will continue to visit your website and get inspired. thanks for the great posting that gives me hope… Thanks!


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