Thank you round #2


My previous entry detailed the community that comes on behalf of Filbert, which is half of the story. The other half of the story is that we have two other beautiful kiddos fortunate to have college friends of their own that come to play.

Having a child with exceptional needs means that the siblings are often afforded less time and attention. This is something I have been keenly aware of and wondering how to accommodate. Fortunately this community is open to loving on my other two kiddos as well.

My five year old eagerly anticipates “her” friends that come and do science projects, art projects, trampolining, reading books, playing games and dolls or anything else they come up with. These wonderful folk pour love into her life and enrich her with their attention, excitement and joy. Her thanksgiving list of what she was grateful for included several of her college friends. Her childhood will not be remember as being all about Filbert, but will be full of so many wonderful memories made with kind, generous ladies that took time to take interest in her life.

My littlest is 18 months and all those that visit dote on him and having lots of helping hands affords me one on one time with him to really enjoy these baby and toddler years that so quickly pass by.

To say we are blessed doesn’t scratch the surface of how I feel. We aim to love like Christ as best we can those we meet and in return receive more love than I will ever be able to quantify. This daily outpouring demonstrates God’s presence in each person we have the privilege of calling family.

Thank you to all those that have blessed us with your time and love. The difference you make is profound.

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