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It’s been forever since I last posted. So much has happened: good, bad, & wonderful. So much growth has transpired as a team, personally, & in Filbert. There are countless soapboxes I have explored, passions I have honed and moments that have overwhelmed me to the point of frustration or happy tears. Life is so full. It’s an unpredictable adventure that I wouldn’t change for the world. I feel as though my life is where the rubber meets the road, being guarded or fake is impossible when the stakes are so high with limited time and entrenched loving investment.

Today I choose to share a glimpse of what I see in my life daily. I wake up to the sweet sound of my youngest babbling, my husband broiling bacon, my daughter choosing her outfit and the perfect key of my oldest, Filbert, singing. Breakfast is a mixture of chaos, connection and nutrition. Then the academic day begins with devotional, copy work, geography, history timeline, math and English. Within the hour the first member of our family arrives ready to enthrall Filbert’s brain with stories of the past; a Roman solider, the spread of Christianity and the like. Next up strolls in family member number two who will exercise with Filbert to get his body focused. He is kind and assured with a twist of challenge encouraging Filbert to grow. The next family member joins the fun with an air of grace, compassion and love as she guides him through fine motor exercises each one designed to increase his independence and inclusiveness within our unit.

Then I get the opportunity to share the world of science, invention and discovery with him teaching him the wonderfully gross composition of stool, vomit, and skunk smells. After an intense line up we have an hour to catch our breath outside or read a book aloud. Then we get to see yet another family member come dancing in full of literary devices ready to share the world in a more abstract form; she gracefully and patiently paints a picture that encourages Filbert to get on board and share his thoughts. Just before lunch the sound of laughter fills the air as our penultimate family member bounds through the door to once again help Filbert connect his brain and body. Lots of giggles, stretching, singing and toning happens in chorus as they work together. The mornings work is done, lunch is ready, and it’s no wonder Filbert feels accomplished his fingers, body and brain all full; his belly just one step behind.

The afternoon is full of outside time, art, and read alouds when our concluding family member comes in ready to calculate their way through math. At the day’s end there is a bucket that just overflows with the privilege of knowing all these wonderful family members daily journey with us in love, persistence and patience.

Community at our little house is not a word, it’s an experience that warms my heart each day. Without our beloved family I know all our hearts would be less full; thankfully God graciously gave us each other.

I have thought and thought about how to thank this amazing family, but words escape me. How can really put into words what it is to daily tangibly change someone’s life, and aid in making the impossible possible for their exceptional child. It’s the kind of thing you feel all the way to your core and I simply pray I can do the same for someone else some day.

And this is only half of our story, there is more to our team of wonderful peeps to be shared in the next post.

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  1. Teri
    Teri says:

    Many prayers continue. Thank you for being brave to share with us. I look backwards at our challenges and know that I am a better person because God got my attention to grow and change me.


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