Reflections of a Volunteer


I worked with Filbert in January and was very excited to be able to have the chance to work with him again this summer after a few months off. Because I wasn’t going to be with him for 4 months, I was curious to see what kind of changes he would make, not expecting to see changes in myself as well. In the past 4 months that I was not with Filbert, he grew to be a little man. Progressively through the days that I work with him, I am able to pick up on things that he has improved on, but one of the things that sticks out to me the most is that he’s older and smarter. Whether he’s building stairs or spinning blocks, he seems to have a strategy, and no matter what I think about how it is going to turn out, he finds a way to make it happen. The boy is smart. Through the process of working with Filbert and getting to know him, it’s really easy to feel rejected and like he doesn’t want you to be in there with him. There’s this idea in this therapy (Son-Rise Program) that everything that happens to us is our own choice, and we can decide how we want to respond. In January it’s something that I struggled with, and I often got done playing with Filbert feeling as though he maybe wasn’t a fan of me that day or he didn’t want me to help him. In the past few weeks that I’ve worked with Filbert so far this summer, it’s not like that. I don’t know if it’s his improvement in interaction, or my own improvement, but being with Filbert is fun and exciting all the time, no matter what happens. This little boy has a way of lighting up a room with just one glance or smile, and there’s something about loving him that comes so easy. I’m honored that I’ve had the opportunity to work with him and be apart of this journey.

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