New, new, new…

Another incredible day where Filbert just blows me away. Every volunteer today has had the most amazing things to say about their sessions with him. This morning one volunteer told me how they introduced something new and he immediately imitated and join their game – he was so flexible! The second volunteer told me that they had interacted together for 1 hour of the session continuously and even had other shorter interactions with very small amounts of stimming between. During my session, he let me use one of his favorite cars virtually the whole time we played with cars — unheard of! I also introduced a doll for pretend play (last time I did this he immediately threw it across the room). Today he asked the doll, “what’s your name?”, allowed her to walk on the road he created, allowed her to ride on one of his favorite cars, invited her into the library “come in” and even grabbed her and made her dance! Astounding!! Every day miracles happen, I am so blessed by our volunteers and the Son-Rise Program.

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