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Natural Play Therapy founder Julie Sando

Wow, wow, wow!!! Words are a struggle to come by after the world wind that has been the last week and half. Team Filbert had the privilege of having Julie Sando, from Natural Play Therapy, to our home to train us in how to best help Filbert in the playroom. We learned so much! Julie is down to earth, observant, insightful, loving, caring, genuine, and so on point; it is awesome! She taught us how to take our play to the next level by really taking time to observe Filbert, model play, and invite him to play in a concrete way. During our training we all came up with individual goals of things we would like Filbert to learn. The fun began this past week with implementing our learning and beginning to teach him new things. His response has been astounding. He is redefining rising to the occasion. Not only is he allowing us to model play; he is watching intently and often participating! He has done more new things in the last week than in the last month, it feels like! The amount of social motivation we are seeing is so encouraging and it is breeding an onslaught of language along with it. I find myself observing the volunteers working with him and crying joyfully during almost every session. It’s like Julie gave us the code to unlock his understanding of how to play. I have no idea what the next few weeks or months will bring, but I am excited about implementing our new understanding of the stages of play and how to encourage Filbert, should he want to, to engage us on a new level. I could not feel more blessed by her coming and our amazing Team Filbert sharing that enthusiasm! Updates to come :)!
For more info on Natural Play Therapy visit Julie’s website:
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    • Em
      Em says:

      Hi! It is a child centered play therapy. The best way to get more info is to go to the website and email Julie directly. She is quick at responding and you can talk to her on the phone to ask any questions you have. I started by watching all the videos on the website then calling her. She is very helpful. If I can help more please let me know. Excited for you to explore this for your child!

  1. Carmen Torres-Shrimplin
    Carmen Torres-Shrimplin says:

    Hi there, I too am a mom with a special needs child. I came and observed Julie and team Filbert and they are all amazing!! I was so encouraged to watch the Natural Play therapy in full action and watch this cute little boy laugh, having fun and engaging with the others! Once I get my TEAM ALEX in place I will definitely be calling Julie!!

  2. Julie Sando
    Julie Sando says:

    Hi all! I love reading your blog AND your comments! 🙂 FYI Carmen and Farah, we have opened up some affordable online classes that will count toward certification for those who are interested in learning more about NPT! Instead of our 5 month training program, we will be offering these classes so people can train at their own pace and on a budget! We will be sharing more details in a couple weeks on our facebook pages and websites. Parents and professionals are welcome to take these classes to learn how to connect more deeply with their loved one with special needs, and to learn more about NPT.
    NPT Class 1A:
    Follow up NPT Class 1B:


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