Ms. G: Filbert & Fine Motor

LeaveitoutsideSimply put, Filbert blows me away everyday. Every single day I admire his will to keep pushing himself and never giving up. Society says autistic children will not be able to learn much or perhaps not learn how to speak. Filbert and so many other kids are shredding those common beliefs.

Through occupational therapy, fine motor skill development, and physical training Filbert has developed so much body control and muscle memory. Some of the tasks Filbert has learned through exercising his fine motor are:

  1. zipping his jacket
  2. buttoning a shirt
  3. crocheting a scarf
  4. folding laundry
  5. writing
  6. drawing
  7. brushing his teeth

Recently Filbert has been working on tying his shoes. He is making progress everyday and getting closer and closer to being able to do it by himself. Persistence and confidence are essential.

Persistence to keeping gently pushing Filbert even when it’s hard and confidence that he can do whatever he sets his mind too. Filbert is the most intelligent boy I have ever met and can do whatever he would like. It just takes training his body to cooperate with his mind.
Em’s guidance, advice, and knowledge have continued to help me learn the best ways Filbert learns; so we maximize our times together and continue to progress and increase his muscle memory.
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