Ms. A shares: Filbert’s goal, memoir, and more


I started this RPM journey excited and willing to learn, only I did not know what I was in for. Watching an expert painted a pretty picture of RPM in my head but when it was my turn to try I couldn’t replicate that picture. I knew this was something I should do though, I felt this incredible need to push forward no matter what. Filbert and I’s first few weeks were tough. I couldn’t get around some of the rough patches we were having. There was more chasing than learning…. I thought. It just wasn’t what I thought it would be. Still, I pushed through. Filbert and I increased our sessions from 10 minutes to 55 minutes in the weeks to come. We managed through our rough days and had a lot of patience with each other. I would applaud Filbert more than myself because he had a lot of patience with me. I was learning and he was adjusting, even struggling with getting his body to cooperate, he was still so open and willing to learn. My mindset changed and I began to see that even with the running away that was happening in the beginning, he was still learning. Still soaking up everything I was saying, even when it didn’t look like it. Perseverance really is key. That and conversation. Filbert opened up with me and shared so many of his desires and goals, the most important being to “MASTER TALKING”. How simple for us, yet complex for others. In a lesson about memoirs Filbert communicated his thoughts with me: “ENABLE LEARNING HEARING PEOPLE WORDS MEANING”. Everyday is one filled with lessons and rewards. Filbert teaches me in so many different ways, most of the time ever more than I teach him. I think what I’ve learned overall is that communication can’t be taken away from someone who delivers messages different than the majority of the world. Imagine being trapped in a perfectly functioning game but having people all around you doubt your abilities without you being able to stand up for yourself. Think about the torment this causes, and then think about the opportunity you have to unlock this voice and unleash these messages from someone that has been waiting for so long. No matter what happens you can’t give up because you can’t contribute to this torment. Filbert has given me the honor of being his teacher and he’s been the best student. He has also been the best student, even on our most difficult days we are both always learning. 

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  1. Tracy
    Tracy says:

    Hi Ms. A, My story so resonates with yours. I have a son that is 12 years old and is non-verbal. He types to communicate but only his basic needs. I have tried RPM several times, each time failing and letting that failure pull me away. I am committed to doing it this summer, even if I have to buckle him in the back seat and teach him there:). I was wondering where you pull your lessons from?This is also one of my stumbling blocks, which I hope will improve once I have more experience. Thank you for this honest post about the struggle. I so get it. Tracy


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