Mr. T: Who would have thought?

DCIM100GOPROGOPR0267.Who would have thought I could be so blind, I mean I do have a strong glasses prescription but It goes deeper than that.

I was aware of Autism, but at the same time I wasn’t. Here is a kid full of energy just like every other kid. Here is a kid who loves to laugh, and have fun just like every other kid . Here is a kid who is just as smart if not smarter than any kid his age. Mrs. Em explained it as “ your mind and your body being on two different pages”. My first thought, well I must be Autistic because my mind and body are never on the right page. I finally met Filbert and just by looking at him, you wouldn’t guess just by looking at him that he is autistic. When you see Filbert, all you see is the 7 year old kid.

Filbert has this way of making your lowest, slowest day fast and upbeat. When I enter the house and he sees me, he darts for the bedroom, and he does it everyday. He has a huge heart, and he wants to actually keep getting better and improving.

When I started working out with him, it was a bit of a struggle, mostly for me because Filbert is practically a freakish athlete. I never actually worked with someone before, where I made the workouts and then trained them, but it was so dope. When we first started, Filbert’s body was so tight, and his core and upper body wasn’t as strong.  

As weeks go by, our trust and faith in one another grows. When I come Filbert knows I believe in him and want to see him succeed I know Filbert wants to get better and succeed. As I see him progress more and more, I just notice more and more how he’s just like every other person.

Now that I have been working with Filbert for a while and have a more of an understanding about autism. It’s sort of like a decathlon, so many different aspects go into, and can have an effect on it. Filbert has a great team behind him, and the way Filbert’s motivation level is setup, there is no doubt in my mind that we will be breaking that decathlon record.

Who would have thought a 7 year old could do algebra? Who would have thought a 7 year old would help me make a career choice ? Who would have thought Team Filbert would help change my life ?

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