Miracles everyday…

Another wonderful day in the world of Filbert. He just never ceases to blow me away. During his sessions today he is imitating volunteers and going with new ideas within a matter of minutes or seconds. He is trying out new language shortly after it is introduced and he is gesturing more and more to different songs. He does a full stretch for “My God is so BIG”. I love it!

During my session today he was trying to be funny; changing initial sounds of words and mixing words together. He started with “baby button” (instead of belly button) and we laughed about that. We then sang “The B-I-B-L-E” and he converted it to “baby Bible”. Then he looked at me and said “the baby’s eating the Bible” and started laughing really hard. This takes great imagination and original sentence construction. I am so proud!

Then he decided to keep it up with surprising me and just before dinner he said, “sit on the stool mommy” so I sat down and he looked at me and said “thank you”. So sweet! At bath time, he was playing with the foam letter and numbers. He placed a 2 and a 1 together looked at me and said “21”, he then did the same with a 4 and 5 saying “45”. I smiled, laughed and said “I love your smart brain”.

Everyday is truly wonderful and I notice the more I love him for who he is and believe he can do and learn anything; the more I lovingly teach him and allow myself to be imaginative also.

Hope your week is off to a great start!


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