Mindset of a Parent of an Autistic Child: Well, my journey…

1. Shock and horror: “there is nothing wrong with my perfect child, how offensive you would even consider such a thing. I am a good mother and he is amazing. I think I will now excommunicate you for having even alluded to any possible deficiency in my child.”

2. Secret Curiosity: “hmmm, I’ve been watching him, he does do certain things repetivitely, likes to play by himself, isnt interested in other kids, but is super smart on some front…perhaps I will google just to be sure”

3. Post Google: “wow, I feel like I have been reading about my child for the last week or so, but i dont dare say anything out loud, then it would be true. Perhaps talk to my significant other and see if I am just making assumptions.”

4. Intentionality: “We see some holes in his abilities, so let’s just be intentional and do some one-on-one teaching to get him caught up in his social abilities, language and expressions.”

5. Referral: “I have tried what I can think of and he is not ‘getting’ it. He seems to be learning nothing I am presenting in fact or so little it’s hard to tell as he is slipping farther behind, let’s just have him evaluated, can’t hurt. Probably just needs some speech services”

6. Evaluation: “So we think he might be the ‘a word’ but this will helps us know that he just has some issues or is mild if anything –professional ‘said evaluation labels your child severely autistic’ – BOOM!” All fears confirmed, something very wrong.

7. Personal Anguish: “Why did this happen to us? What could I have done differently? Aren’t we basically good people? Can I handle a special needs child? Will he live with us permanently? What if he…….?”

8. Action: “I am going to research like a mad person until I find what I think will be a fit for us. Where he is today or tomorrow if not the point, it is whether or not I have done everything to give him the chance to catch up to where he needs to be.”

9. Implementation: “We have chosen the Son-Rise Program, GAPS diet and Lutimax as our intervention. Let’s trial everything for 6 months and see where it goes.”

10. Overwhelming blessing: “We would not be the people we are today 9 months after diagnosis. We have been humbled in asking for help and we be blessed with an extended Son-Rise family who rejoices with us in each new thing he does. We have had the opportunity to be support and uplifted by so many and have been able to do so for others in their adventures through autism. I would label the theme of the last 9 months: Healing a family and community through autism. He has taught our family and volunteers how to practice being like Christ daily as we love and respect unconditionally allowing him to learn from us based on our strong relationship.”

11.What is next?: “I cannot imagine, but whatever it is God will give us the direction and strength to handle it and I am thrilled for the ride ahead.”

Thanks for reading!

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  1. Ashleigh Thompson
    Ashleigh Thompson says:

    You’re an amazing woman, Emma! You are doing an excellent job! May God give you all you need each day. What an amazing story and great testimony! You are in my prayers!

  2. Erin Etheridge
    Erin Etheridge says:

    We LOVE you all so much!!!!!! What you have put into words is so beautiful and all the same things we have felt too, Emma. It is so amazing how what we will do for our children through SonRise and our truly unconditional love for them, changes us now and forever. We are in this together, girl. And we ARE doing this!!!!!

  3. Carol
    Carol says:

    Mat the Lord bless you for being willing to share your journey……to put it in words clarifies for each of us and brings praise to Him,


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