Internship Opportunity (Spring and Fall) –  no prior training or experience necessary

There are 3 different internship possibilities:

1. Rapid Prompting Method: teaching Filbert academics (Math, Science, Social Studies, English, Bible) – 10 hours per week

2. Physical Workout: teaching Filbert to coordinate his body and grow all his muscles through many activities – 5 hours per week

3. Occupational Therapy: teaching Filbert fine motor and daily activities to he can do things independently – 5 hours per week

-There are limited spots, so if you are interested please contact us!

 Internship Opportunity (Summer): no prior training or experience necessary

Looking for an intern to live in and help with all three areas listed above in a smaller scale — only ONE position :).

For more info call Em at 618-514-5284 or email: