Autism: Classical Conversations & RPM

philrrMy son Filbert is 8 years old, diagnosis of severe autism, and is able to communicate verbally for wants and needs.

We decided to join a Classical Conversations Community this school year as the program just makes so much sense.

Here are the reason I feel it works for us:

  1. Our community is inclusive, kind, respectful, loving, and ask wonderful questions about my son; treating him with the upmost respect. They see him as God’s amazing creation just like their own kiddos. —so appreciated!
  2. Music and movement help any child remember information including mine. Even if he cannot do all the actions or say all the words he is hearing them and learning them. I hear many things I never say aloud that I remember — I imagine you do to. Same for my boy, so there an abundance of info in his brain from cycle 1.
  3. Being with other children his age for community day, once a week, is great balance as it requires lots of work for him to keep his body controlled. He gets to practice this, but does not have to stress about that daily.
  4. Love using the Classical Conversations memory work to build lesson plans off of for him to spell via RPM (Rapid Prompting Method) his responses.
  5. His community class has been patient and respectful as he spells parts of his presentations via letter board for them to see him communicate — like a dream for me!
  6. Classical Conversations provides Filbert with a well-rounded education including fine arts – he did well with the tin whistle, loves making art, and has really enjoyed the music. Love that he is learning more that just the core subjects.

Filbert like all children everywhere is capable of learning. We just have to find the best way to teach. For Filbert and all nonverbal or limited verbal autistics I have seen Rapid Prompting Method does work! It requires practice and patience as you both learn it, but getting to know my child and seeing him have the education he deserves makes it all worth it.

Shout out to our CC community. I could not feel more abundantly blessed by you all! 

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