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Musings from a RPM mom after 8 months and still so much to learn!

RPM is Rapid Prompting Method. It is “a teaching method tailored to each student’s open learning channels. It empowers the learner with the best possible means to express his or her thoughts, understanding, learning and reasoning.” -Soma 1. Do you believe in your child? —The foundation of RPM is presumed competence. Truly believing in your […]

Ms. A shares: Filbert’s goal, memoir, and more

I started this RPM journey excited and willing to learn, only I did not know what I was in for. Watching an expert painted a pretty picture of RPM in my head but when it was my turn to try I couldn’t replicate that picture. I knew this was something I should do though, I […]

Ms C. shares: asymmetrical quilt

I’m the kind of person who sews every part of my life together like a precisely measured and prepared quilt. Things in my life have to make sense. There is a reason behind my every action, and it typically relates to the question, “What’s in it for me?” Coming into Team Filbert in the fall, I […]

Ms. K & RPM: Filbert learns math

I have been working with Filbert since the beginning of January, and it has been truly amazing. Filbert is a beautiful six-year-old boy who has a fairly severe form of nonverbal autism. Nonverbal doesn’t necessarily mean he does not talk, it simply means that only 20% of the words he says are actually what he wanted his […]

Ms. S shares: Unconditional love

Every child is unique and excellent, just like a flower will bloom beautifully and elegantly. However, to become a flower, the little seed needs air, sunshine, water, soil, and environment; a flowery life also needs nutrients to bloom. These soul nutrients are called appreciation, care, love, and hope. Autism is a neurodevelopment disorder that diagnosed […]