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What I wish I had known…

Hindsight is 20/20 or so the saying goes. There are so many theories on what causes autism that it boggles my mind. Instead of dwelling on the past and on things I cannot change, I would like to offer my two cents of what I wish I had known and now hold closely to my […]

New, new, new…

Another incredible day where Filbert just blows me away. Every volunteer today has had the most amazing things to say about their sessions with him. This morning one volunteer told me how they introduced something new and he immediately imitated and join their game – he was so flexible! The second volunteer told me that […]

Christmas 2011

Just re-watching the video my amazing husband put together of our time over the holidays. Brings a smile to my face. We are so blessed with amazing friends and family willing to celebrate the holidays Son-Rise style :). The kids opened presents in the playroom which was a blast. It was one of my favorite […]