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So much more than “thank you”

It’s been forever since I last posted. So much has happened: good, bad, & wonderful. So much growth has transpired as a team, personally, & in Filbert. There are countless soapboxes I have explored, passions I have honed and moments that have overwhelmed me to the point of frustration or happy tears. Life is so […]

Guest post: Fuller life

Since the day my daughter was born, I have been in the dark as to who she is.  Always waiting to open this present. She has been in therapy since 18 months old with little progress which included 3 years of ABA.  Her ability to be consistent was keeping her behind in the program. I […]

Guest Post: Learning to BE

Heartfelt words from a fellow momma raising a child with autism: Getting an autism diagnosis for your child is a heart-wrecking incident in your life. It shakes you up completely and as a parent you hear only negative comments initially from doctors, therapists, friends and family. It seems like your life is ending with this incurable […]

More RPM reflections

Since I am knee deep in RPM I am finding the importance of referencing Soma’s books and really taking time to understand everything more now that I have a grasp on the basics (we sort of, lol). Soma’s green book is a fantastic from the very first page; it brought up so many things that […]