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RPM: Ms. E and Filbert

Before coming to college I had never had an extra thought for autism. In my mind it was a mental disability that some people had and I didn’t. Nobody in my life had autism, but I do have a mentally handicap aunt. That is the closest experience I have had and she is fully equipped […]

Mr. T: Who would have thought?

Who would have thought I could be so blind, I mean I do have a strong glasses prescription but It goes deeper than that. I was aware of Autism, but at the same time I wasn’t. Here is a kid full of energy just like every other kid. Here is a kid who loves to […]

Autism: Classical Conversations & RPM

My son Filbert is 8 years old, diagnosis of severe autism, and is able to communicate verbally for wants and needs. We decided to join a Classical Conversations Community this school year as the program just makes so much sense. Here are the reason I feel it works for us: Our community is inclusive, kind, […]

Ms. G: Filbert & Fine Motor

Simply put, Filbert blows me away everyday. Every single day I admire his will to keep pushing himself and never giving up. Society says autistic children will not be able to learn much or perhaps not learn how to speak. Filbert and so many other kids are shredding those common beliefs. Through occupational therapy, fine motor skill development, and […]

Thank you round #2

My previous entry detailed the community that comes on behalf of Filbert, which is half of the story. The other half of the story is that we have two other beautiful kiddos fortunate to have college friends of their own that come to play. Having a child with exceptional needs means that the siblings are […]